Alone Time

Well, those two words most of us are not familiar with! Lately, Johnny and I have been running like crazy between both our jobs, both of our schooling, and my intership. Crazy! Sometimes, we don’t see each other from 8:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. Needless to say, I miss him! We’ve been Praying together every night before bed, and there have been a few nights when we just absolutely crash as soon as we’re home and we don’t get to. (Not my favorite) Anyway, I’ve used my alone time lately to just talk to God. Praying sometimes is quick and easy, but so often I get in the habit of saying a Prayer and moving on. Having a conversation with the Lord has strengthened my relationship a lot, and fulfilled (is the word I believe I’m looking for) what I thought was just alone time. Something to think about!

Since our schedules are hit or miss [more miss lately…] I have been crafting like crazy! I can’t fall asleep well without him, but I’m too tired to concentrate on homework so…..pinterest!!! Guilty pleasure ūüėČ Here are some of my latest fall decorations including the wreath I made & what I used! HAPPY FALL YA’LL!!!



Sister, Sister!

I am so proud of my sister. She’s growing into her own person, and I have to say I am LOVING the changed (though they are small) she is making in her life. She is moving in a more positive direction and I couldn’t be more proud! We’ve been through a lot lately of personality conflicts, and I’m sure it’s not the last time haha but we’re over it and moving on…She is here in Mboro with me now. She came down last night and is staying again tonight. We are going to go do a little shopping and come back and just have a little girl’s night while Johnny is away at work. I feel so lucky to have some time off work at the same time as her just to catch up and have some one on one time with her…I’ve missed her so much! I’m off to get ready, I’ll probably post pictures later!

**Have you told your sister you loved her lately?

Keep Calm & Pray

If you read my post from yesterday, it was a bit of¬†a rough day. Although I woke up in an indifferent mood towards all of the things that had happened lately…¬† by the end of the day I felt more BLESSED than ever. After a nice talk with Mom who I miss so much & Prayer with my husband¬†I realized it’s not about how others make you feel, it’s about how you LET THEM make you feel. If I am happy and content with my life, why does it matter what someone else thinks? I struggled with this only because it was my former best friend. But the reality of it is, although it is unfortunate that she doesn’t see me this happy her opinion is not what matters. My husband and I are doing our best to live our lives to please God & each other. Yes, we do live in our own little world, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. ‚̧

If I haven’t before, I’ll say one thing – there is nothing I love more than that feeling of Praying aloud with your husband. It is so powerful, and even after a rough day –¬†it feels so cleansing!


Growing Apart … or just Parting?

Yes this blog is about relationships, but not the one you’re thinking of. (My marriage is fantastic!) This is about my dearest, oldest friendship. As most of you know, I’ve had the same best friend since the day she was born. It was inevitable our parents were BFFs as well! hehe Well, her and I moved to a brand new town and started a new college together and of course were roommates last year. It breaks my heart to say that to this day.. we do not speak at all; or at least not sincere to each other. It is a¬†civil/fake conversation. This blog is in no way intended to talk negatively about her, but to blog about/ask questions about friendships.

As I said before, we’ve been friends since the day she was born. Sometimes not the closest of friends but always she was my best friend. The one I told everything to, the little girl that shared my BEST/FRIENDS necklace with that our moms bought us claires, the asain in my Charlie’s Angels duo, along with my sister. She was one of us, and as far as I was concerned was just a third sister. Things changed when we moved to college, and relationships started becoming a big part of our lives. But is that really what ruined it? I don’t think so. I think it’s the way we handled it. I am a firm believer in treat others as you want to be treated. If you want your boyfriend to live with you and your roommates for an entire month, be absolutely welcoming when her boyfriend stays for a few days. This was just the beginning. Until February of this year, we were either inseperable, or yelling at each other (which was usually resolved in a day or two – hey, it’s hard living with a friend) But since Feb. we haven’t talked, until I got engaged. As I said this blog is in no way intended to bash her, so I won’t detail ways that she hurt my feelings, but she did A LOT. However, being friends for 20 years (I got engaged in June) made me think that although we hadn’t talked from February until then she should still be a part of my big day. The ending result of that was, that she talked badly about my marriage the day before it was official, and as a bridesmaid¬†did not help in taking down the decorations but instead complained of wanting to leave. At first, I was extremely Angry. This was my day, and you had no right to act that way. But, she thought some things were said about her that weren’t, so instead of talking to me about it – she retaliated in acting so disrespectful during those few days. We eventually made up and I thought from then on we would go back to building our friendship, but instead this is what I’ve found: she still disrepects my marriage, I have tried making amends with her and she acts as if we’re in high school and says to our mutual friends ”i knew she’d miss me” …..and the last straw for me was the fact that I left my t.v. there when I moved out because I didn’t have anywhere to put it at the time and when she moved out she told the girl that lived there next to ”throw it away, the day she turned her keys in.. nothing here belonged to her anymore” I’m sorry, but where we came from rules from the apartment complex did not matter, when it came to your FRIENDS’ belongings. So her roommate gave it away.

She also thinks it’s funny to say bad things about young marriage (although her parents were married at 18) and to say I have no friends, I never do anything, all I do is work and go to school. My response is yes, I am busy but I do have friends. Who is she to judge what I do? And why can she not see that I’m happy with the life that I have? I would SO much rather come home to the same wonderful man every single night, then to have to go through the¬†whole stage of meeting a new guy at the bar, or going on another awkward first date. I honestly feel completely Blessed with the direction my life is going in, and its unfortunate that as my former best friend, she doesn’t get to see that.

These sound like extremely small things, and they are. I have purposely not included the hurtful words, catty actions and other things that have torn this friendship apart. At this point, this friendship is done, what is the best way to deal with that? She comes into my work saying she misses me and I want to completely ignore it without being immature but that’s not sincere and I don’t want to hear it. What do I do when she says she wants to hang out? Is it the lost cause I think it is to actually talk to her about it? Am I to blame for this? Do friendships normally end because two people honestly don’t care enough to fix it? I’m at a loss guys. I’ve been through a break up or two but this is the only friendship that has ever failed. Feel free to leave advice/comments. However, please no negative comments (they will be deleted) constructive critism only please.

Hope everyone has a Blessed night!!


Simple Lessons are so Easily Forgotten

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The past few days have been crazy hectic. Today for example I worked 12 hours straight so as you can imagine, I am exhausted! Johnny too, has worked many closing shifts after another. I’m also trying to create a portfolio for my internship to be seen by ALL brides, keep up to date with their facebook and twitter (as well as my own), earn money and pay¬†what in my opinion is more bills than anyone should have! haha¬†and do the constant house work that seems to never stay done! Between that, preparing for school that starts in less than two weeks it’s been busy around here! It seems like there is always something going on. And sometimes, I just want to complain. I like my job, but working with all females I deal with SO much drama. It has started to get to me lately because it’s became personal. ¬†With our work schedules, stresses from school and everything else we encounter daily…we’ve had to work harder than normal to get along. The more I think about it, the more worried I get because we haven’t even started school yet and it’s already this crazy!? Ha! Good luck to us this semester. I’ve been down on myself lately because I feel like I complain a lot, sometimes not even outloud sometimes I talk to my self. BUT today (& today only, this is new!), instead of complaining I’ve started Praying, and thanking God for the job that Johnny &¬†I have that keeps us above water, thanking Him for opportunity for us to go to school and further¬†our education, thanking The Lord for a beautiful place to live, and thanking Him for the wonderful husband I have been Blessed with. There is no better feeling than getting a good Prayer in. It’s refreshing!! My Mom taught me a long time ago to stop complaining about what you don’t have, and be thankful for what you do because someone is happy with less than what you have. Yeah it’s old and everyone has heard it, but how true is that? How many times do we complain about something many people would be so thankful to have! (I like to remind her of this rule when she complains about her kids ; ) Really though, I’ve learned a lot from my Mom. This being one of the the most important things. Simple lessons are the best, as long as you don’t forget them. Did I mention I am Blessed with a wonderful mother!? ūüôā She has taught me SO much. Of course I’d never tell her, but the older I get the more like her I am…and I love it! I hope I’m one day the mother she has always been to us three. She was that Mom that never missed a game, picked us up from practice (always one time) and was at every pageants no matter how much she disliked them! My Mom is the most amazing woman I know and I am so Blessed to call her mine! Thank you for being the example that you are. I shared a few pictures of us & our family.¬†The first one is of her supporting me as she always has on the biggest day of my life! I love you Mom!

I’m a To Do List kind of person

If you know me at all, you know I make LISTS, after list, after list, after list….Well, recently I’ve started a new job/internship at an event planning company. They have recently named me the Wedding & Event designer. I am now in charge of obviously weddings, and social media! I get to promote our company/events doing this like handing out flyers for event, keeping our facebook/twitter up to date and things¬†like that for¬†events we are directly involved in as well as planning special days!! I was beyong excited after my first interview about a month¬†ago.¬†It is just now starting to take off, and I am even more excited. The team I am working with are very upbeat, positive people. The biggest plus – they are Christians. I’m excited to say that I don’t work with perfect people, but people that know right from wrong. There is nothing more uncomfortable than working in an office where the people above you think they are literally “above you” in every way. You know who I’m talking about, those that never mess up (and when they do they act like you didn’t see that). It’s nice to finally work for some REAL adults. Certain situations are very hard to deal with, and being put in some myself I’m not sure what I’d do. I know that when dealing with certain situations in my life I’m NOT always as upbeat and positive as I should be and that’s what I’m learning from them. No matter what you are going through, God will get you through it. I think having the Faith and security like that makes dealing with something negative easier. Notice I said easier, and not easy. I have definately noticed that if I haven’t been Praying, my life seems harder. When I have, my life seems easier and the situations don’t change often. I need to make talking to God more of a habit than just a few times a day. It’s more cleansing and refreshing than any workout I do, healthy food I eat, or venting session I have with my husband. So, that being said, I’m going to do a little reading in the book! (Bible) do my workout, and head to work myself! Have a great afternoon everyone!

First Blog

Welcome to my new blog!
I’d kind of always thought about starting one, but wasn’t exactly sure what I’d
write about. My aunts and I have talked about starting a blog together many
times, and who knows – we may one day very soon! But for now, I’m gonna try it
out. I would like to blog about life in general. I know there are plenty of
girls my age, that work, go to school, and deal with a lot of the same things I
do. I think blogging is going to be a good way to connect, get some advice and
maybe give some too! I’ll start out by telling you a bit about myself. After
all, if I were following a blog I would want to know whether or not I could
relate to the person, or if they are seeing life from a completely different
perspective than I. I am 21 years old, and newly married. My husband is my very
best friend, I know you will be hearing a lot about him. We are both full time
students in college, and work very hard. He works as a shift leader at a local
travel center, and I am a server at a resturant right beside campus. I also
recently started a job/internship at HYPE events as a wedding planner! Between
work, school, and all of life’s other demanding duties it gets tough sometimes
and often chaotic. However, no matter what we always make time for each other.
Sundays are our days. We are working very hard to be able to go to church EVERY
Sunday. (Work days requested off are sometimes hard to get) If we are unable to
go then, the Church we attend here also has a Saturday night service that we
often attend. We are currently meeting and making new friends there!

The title of my blog – Textbooks, Rings, & Other Things
I’m sure by reading my introduction you can see why I titled it this way. All of those things are BIG
parts of my life. Textbooks – I want to graduate asap! So, I am working very
hard at sticking with my current major, and getting my degree. Rings – Newly
married! My rings mean a lot to me, probably more than almost anything. Not so
much the tangible ring itself (although it is beautiful of course!), but the
meaning behind it. When I look at my wedding ring, I think of not only the
continuous love my husband and I have for each other, but the Faith it
symbolizes, and how God is the center of our marriage. Other things – LIFE!
First and foremost, just because ‘other things’ came last in the title does not
mean they are the least important. In fact, they are the most important. Other
things are my family. My husband and I are very close with our family. My sister
and I are the best of friends. I love her more than anything and she is growing
up to be a wonderful person, and a hard worker. My little brother is ten years
old and I absolutely adore him. He is my little buddy and I spoil him rotten. My
mother and I are also close. We had a rough going when I was in high school, but
I matured a little bit and now we talk about everything, everyday. My Dad is a
wonderful man. He was most definately “the Dad he didn’t have to be” I have a
great respect for him. And for the other side… I could not have been more
Blessed with the family I married into.. My mother in law is awesome. Her and I
have been close since we started dating. My father in law is a lot like my
husband, especially the older he gets. He’s the ‘smart one’ in the family,
always making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing aka
getting on his wife’s nerves. My husband has 4 younger brothers, and they are
always up to something. They definatley keep us entertained. I am lucky enough
to actually have TWO mother in laws! My other one is a lot like a mystery
sucker. You just never know what you’ll get! Never a dull moment with any of my
in laws. My family plus his is ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY! Another important aspect of
my life is health. I am not a health nut, but I’m always trying some new workout
plan, or diet mechanism. I also like trying new beauty ideas for homeade
treatments and things like that. Also, I will probably blog a lot about crafts.
I would say I’m just so nifty, but I’d be lying – I just have a pinterest
account that I take full advantage of! I’m also very into fashion. I love being
creative and putting new outfits together. I may dress frilly pink and girly one
day, and sport my chuck’s the next! It all depends on the mood. Follow my blog
for some interesting updates on life in general! Please feel free to comment on
anything! I’ll go ahead and throw this out there – this blog is optional. There
have been some negative people in my life lately so if that is all you wish to
post on this page, please take it elsewhere. However, constructive criticism,
advice, questions are always great! Let’s Blog!!!